Description of Classes

Mysore- This is a non-led class where students can learn new poses and practice at their own breath.  The teacher is there to assist and answer questions.  This class is great for all levels, beginners to advanced.

Open Mysore-  This class is the same as a normal Mysore class but with an open start time. Students can come anytime between 4:00 and 7:00 to start their practice. We ask that students be done with practice by 7:30.

Beginner- This class is a led class with emphasis on the foundations of ashtanga practice, breath, bandhas, drishti. It is slower paced then a led class and focuses on the first half of the primary series. No prior experience necessary.

Led Primary- This is a led class with the breath and postures qued by the instructor.

Half primary/half second- This is a led class that takes students through the second half the primary series into the first half of the secondary series